The aim of the program

The aim of the program is the development of a positive climate in the school environment in order to reinforce the individual and group resilience as well as the promotion and development of internal strengths, motivation and skills in the school environment. An important goal of this program is to offer to the educators an opportunity to strengthen their own resilience and, at the same time, to offer them a proposal for student support and empowerment in the classroom as well as the development of a supportive network for the school community (at large) by covering the intense needs for psychological support which have emerged from the current economic crisis.

In addition, the program aims:

a) to develop an intervention program that promotes positive school climate and resilience in the school environment,

b) to identify and strengthen the values pertaining the classroom and the school unit,

c) to process the social-emotional reactions in crisis among members of the school community,

d) to promote coping and stress management,

e) to encourage the development of self-improvement strategies in children, and

f) to comprehend and manage the patterns of aggressive behavior in the school environment during difficult times.

 In all its stages the program promotes the reinforcement of protective factors while at the same time tries to reduce the risk factors; the final outcome is to enhance the academic and psycho-social competence and well being.