The Laboratory of School Psychology: Training, Research and Practice (former Center of Research and Practice of School Psychology), Department of Psychology, University of Athens, was founded and operates since 1999. It is based on a multilevel model linking theory, research, training and school psychological interventions in schools, institutions and other settings and its actions are implemented in cooperation with Graduate Program in School Psychology. The Laboratory aims at the prevention and promotion of mental health, learning and resilience in the school and family contexts, hence the connection and cooperation of the University with schools and local authorities.

The specific goals of the Laboratory of School Psychology are based on the following interrelated axes:

  • Education and training undergraduate and graduate students, teachers, mental health professionals and parents on issues of prevention, mental health promotion and facilitation of learning
  • Development, implementation and evaluation of primary and secondary level prevention programs and provision of consultation services in schools (evidence-based interventions)
  • Provision of mental health and consultation services in the school community and education settings
  • Promotion of positive school climate and resilience and well being in schools and educational settings
  • Research
  • Publications
  • Cooperation of the University with schools, local authorities, national and international psychological associations

For more information see the Flyer of the Laboratory here