1. Promote education, pre-service, and in-service training  for students, school psychologists, teachers, and parents in psychosocial issue

2. Training of undergraduate and graduate students of Psychology department or educational departments (New courses at the university focusing on school-based consultation, intervention programs in the schools, and prevention and mental health promotion.).

3. Specialized training of graduate students of School Psychology, psychologists and faculty members in crisis preparedness and intervention in the school community

4. Specialized training of teachers, school psychologists and mental health specialists.

5. Cooperation of Universities (Greek and from other countries) with schools, local authorities, national and international psychological associations

6. Crisis intervention programs in school  community

7. Preparation and publication of training books (Brock et al., 2005. Hatzichristou, Kati, Lykitsakou, Dimitropoulou, Lampropoulou, & Bacopoulou, 2008. Hatzichristou at al., 2011) and booklets regarding several educational and mental health issues (Hatzichristou at al., 2008b, 2009)

8. Intervention programs for the promotion of mental health and resilience

9. Development of Greek university network for crisis management in the school community (Hatzichristou et al., 2009).

10. Development of a multi-level prevention and intervention model for crisis management in the Greek educational system