International Programs

Feeling CARED in School is an international school project organized by the Laboratory of School Psychology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the ISPA School Psychology Trainers Task Force, and the ISPA Student Organizing Committee that encourages students attending elementary and secondary schools in countries around the world to demonstrate how their school can function as a place of care for them.

The main goal of this international initiative is two-fold:

  • To highlight the role of class/school as a place that promotes and fosters children’s resilience especially during trying and exceptional times.
  • To inspire other school communities internationally to demonstrate how students can feel cared for in their school communities.

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International “WeC.A.R.E.” Program is a long-distance Teach-ers’ Specialized Training and Intervention Program that was developed to promote positive school climate and to strength-en resilience in the school community and to create cultural bridges and interconnection between schools with the partici-pation of teachers, school psychologists and students.

“WeC.A.R.E.” is part of the wider multilevel awareness building, prevention and intervention program «ConnectingforCaring-C4C» (http://www.connecting4caring.gr/en/content/video-c4c)  that was developed by the Center for Research and Practice of School Psychology, University of Athens (CRPSP), (www.centerschoolpsych.psych.uoa.gr) and the Society for School and Family Consultation and Research (SSFCR) (www.esose.gr).

Center for Research and Practice of School Psychology in collaboration with the International School Psychology Association organized and implemented a cross-cultural program during the Olympic Games of 2004 in Athens, entitled “The Olympic Spirit Through Children’s Voice” with the purpose of capturing children’s and adolescents’ awareness concerning the Olympic values and ideals through art and literature works (Hatzichristou, 2004e).