Center for Research and Practice of School Psychology in collaboration with the International School Psychology Association organized and implemented a cross-cultural program during the Olympic Games of 2004 in Athens, entitled “The Olympic Spirit Through Children’s Voice” with the purpose of capturing children’s and adolescents’ awareness concerning the Olympic values and ideals through art and literature works (Hatzichristou, 2004e).

In this Program students from 21 countries participated. In total, 1700 drawings from these students were collected and were published in a special edition titled “The Olympic Spirit through children’s voice”

This program continued within the context of CESEP program (Culture, Education, Sport and Ethics Program) with the participation of 30 countries. 

Main goal was  the awareness of students on prevention, substance abuse and the promotion of the idea of "fair play". (Justice for Athletes’ Culture, Education, Sportsmanship and Ethics Program (CESEP) (2008). Culture, Education and Drug-Free Sport: A Child’s Perspective). Drawings of the participant students were demonstrated in the Olympic Games of Peking in 2008.