Within this context, CSPSP undertook the task of developing and implementing a multilevel intervention program (Psychosocial and Academic Support), in order to promote resilience and provide psychosocial support to the members of the participating schools. A criterion for the selection of the schools was the number of Roma students in the schools (percentages ranged from 20%-80%) (Hatzichristou & Lampropoulou, 2013; Hatzichristou et al., 2015).

The primary goal of the program was to facilitate access to education for Roma students as well as to support school communities, through promoting intercultural understanding, communication and collaboration. More specifically, the goals of the intervention program were: (a) needs assessment at an individual and system level; (b) mental health promotion of the members of the school community; (c) promotion of a positive school climate and establishment of intercultural understanding in schools; (d) facilitation of school adjustment of Roma and non-Roma students; (e) provision of consultation to faculty members and teachers at a school level. In addition to psychosocial interventions, the program included academic interventions in order to support students with learning difficulties (Hatzichristou & Lampropoulou, 2013). 

In this program 7 faculty members, 4-13 psychologists, 37-64 schools and 826 -1985 students  participated during the years 2011-2015 (Hatzichristou & Lianos, 2013. Lampropoulou & Hatzichristou, 2013. Hatzichristou, 2013. Hatzichristou & Lampropoulou, 2012, 2013).